(4) Loan Origination Activities

4.1- What are "Junior liens"?

4.2- What are "Subordinate loans"?

4.3- What are "Escrow accounts"?

4.4- What are "High priced mortgages"?

4.5-What is "Table funding Rate lock agreement"?

4.6- What are "Tolerances"?

4.7- What is "Legal title granted via a mortgage"?

4.8- What Types of mortgages a lender cannot be forced to repurchase?

4.9- What are "Facts on liens"?

4.10- What is a "Delinquent loan"?

4.11- What are "High cost loans"?

4.12- What is "Early payment default"?

4.13- What are "Yield spread premiums"?

4.14- What is "High interest rates"?

4.15- What are "Federal mortgage loans"

4.16- What is a "Qualified mortgage"?

4.17- What are "Servicing transfers"?

4.18- What are "Lender credits"?

4.19- What are "Discount points"?

4.20- What is "2-1 Buy-down"?

4.21- What is "Accrued interest"?

4.22- What is "Loan-to-value ratio"?

4.23- What is "Settlement"?

4.24- What is "Finance charges"?

4.25- What is a "Loan discount point"?

4.26- What is Debt ratio?

4.27- What is "Daily simple interest"?

4.28- What is "Premium pricing"?

4.29- What is "Lender credit"?

4.30- What is "Subordination"?

4.31- What is "Conveyance"?

4.32- What is "Cash out refinance"?

4.33- What are "Pre-paids"?

4.34- What is "Underwriting"?

4.35- What is "Secondary market"?

4.36- What is "Third party providers"?

4.37- What is "Primary mortgage market"?

4.38- What are "Non-traditional mortgages"?

4.39- What is "Consumer Credit"?

4.40- What is "Loan payment collection"?

4.41- What is "Assumable loan"?

4.42- What are Examples of origination service?

4.43- What is "Assigned loan"?

4.44- What is "Payment shock"?

4.45- What is "Annual Percentage Rate (APR)"?

4.46- What s "Average Prime Offer Rate (APOR)"?