1.13- What is a Mortgage Examiner?

A Mortgage examiner analyzes loans to identify deficiencies, unsupported charges, and risk levels. A Mortgage Examiner establishes authenticity and correctness of all records including transactions and other forms of documentation.

To obtain a CME "Certified Mortgage Examiner" designation, a candidate must provide evidence of:

- Completion of a minimum of one year of on-the-job service and training related to mortgage provider examination.

- Satisfactory completion of the one day CSBS Mortgage Examiner Training or an equivalent training, i.e basic AARMR Examiner school, Apllicable portions of AARMR/NACCA Examiner School, FDIC Introduction to compliance Examinations, CFPB Lending Principles Course.

- Attestation of successful job performance and mastery of appropriate job-related skills by a supervisor within the candidate's organization.

A Mortgage Examiner Effectively follows established examination procedures to collect and analyze data, and develops correct conclusions from the collected data.

A Mortgage Examiner must effectively demonstrate knowledge of policies, procedures, laws, rules and regulations. Must follow established examination procedures for presenting violations and recommend corrective action or enforcement powers.

A Mortgage Examiner must effectively and clearly communicate with the mortgage provider personnel to obtain information, clearly communicate examination findings to supervisory personnel and/or owners/directors, prepare written comments that are accurate, grammatically correct, logically arranged, and all conclusions drawn are factually supported.